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Gel Vs. Shellac, What’s the difference?

26 Feb 2016

        When the first brand came out with the No Chip Gel Manicure, they branded the concept with the name Shellac. This essentially helped them stand out from other brands. CND (Creative Nail Designs) was this brand, naming their own line of “gel polish” shellac.  But what’s the difference between the Shellac polish by CND and the “gel” polishes created by brands like OPI & Gelish/Harmony? Basically there isn’t a difference, besides other companies using a more generic name for the polish and technique (Gel). They are both made to last around 14 days and are both cured under a UV or LED lamp. The process for application.

The newest make up trend, full brows!

19 Feb 2016

We have all seen the newest trend when we’re out, thick full brows! If you were part of the thin eyebrow trend years ago, you’re probably having trouble getting the full brows you want, which we understand. There are no many ways to map out and carve out even the thinnest brows. The above photo is about the simplest way to fill in brows, if you already have your desired shape and just have some sparser spots in your brows. But we will also show you what to do if you don’t have much hair on your brows, of the desired shape. Here is the best way to find where.

The Hype with Contouring!

04 Feb 2016

We know you’ve probably heard of this makeup technique, if you’ve ever seen stars like Kim K and her sisters, you’ve seen it in action. But for people who don’t have a professional make up artist to do their make up everyday, is it achievable? We think so! We’ve gathered up some tips and picture to show you how to achieve the contoured look, whether you’re going natural or more chiseled, we can help you! Our first tip? Watch it in action, there are so many amazing makeup artists with youtube channels who go into depth on how to find and create your contour, as well as their favorite products..

How Can I make my regular polish manicure last?

29 Jan 2016

We always recommend a gel polish for the lasting shine and longer wear for women we know are rough on their hands or don’t want the hassle of coming back every couple of days for a new coat of regular polish because their nails have chipped. But for those of us who still like the feel and ease of regular nail polish (being able to take it off with ease and repaint them yourself when ours chips) You wonder what you can do to help make it last just a little longer. First thing you can do to help make your polish last when you do it at home is.

CND has done it again!

15 Dec 2015

From the company who started the Gel or Shellac craze, has come a new treatment for weak and brittle natural nails. The RescueRXx Daily Keratin Treatment! This Product contains Jojoba oil and keratin proteins that bond to your natural nail to help strengthen and protect them. It also has sweet almond oil to nourish the cuticles and skin around the nails as well as your natural nail.  It helps to reduce the “white spots” you see on your nails when they are damaged or brittle from acrylic removal, improper care or the dry harsh weather. So How do you use it? It is recommended that you apply the product to.

Some Things You Should Know Before Getting a Wax!

30 Nov 2015

Thinking of getting a wax with your esthetician, or at your local nail salon? If you’re using an oral or topic Acne Medication you might want to rethink it! Many of us have either experience or had a friend tell us that they got “burned” from getting a wax. This typically is red and shiny, then tends to scab a couple days later. It may look like a burn, but it’s actually not. This mark is often caused because you are using an acne medication, being a cream or a pill it still effects your skin and the way you wax. These medications cause the creation of new skin to.

Thinking of getting Artificial Nails?

29 Nov 2015

Have you been thinking about getting artificial nails but don’t know what kind would be best for you? or just have a few questions about the products? We are here to answer all your nail questions! Artificial nails began in ancient egypt, when women would fashion them onto their nails using ivory, these were used to make the women look wealthy and were held as a symbol of beauty, for those of them with higher status. From there the concept caught fire in Greece where women would glue pistachio shells to their nails to give off the illusion of these artificial and perfect long nails. As the concept traveled women.

What’s up with Essie?!?….

07 Oct 2014

So here is the latest, the founder of Essie, Essie Weingarten, finally dropped a new polish line….and they are gels!!! Apparently she wasn’t to thrilled by the idea of gel polish in the first place. But she has managed to come up with a “better” gel. So what is in this “better” gel you say? Let’s begin with the base of the formula. Keratin!!!! Everyone know that keratin products are booming right now. So why not incorporate it in your polish?!?! Now you have it, keratin based gel polish, it strengthens and hydrates the nailbed and not to mention, the colors are gorgeous! Try it out for yourself and let.

Bigger and Better things!

14 Sep 2014
Bigger and Better things!

We are now beginning happy hour! Monday-Thursday is prime time for a pedicure ladies! Come between the hours of 1pm-4pm and receive an express pedicure for ONLY $15. Stay tuned for our upcoming changes and monthly specials. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, instagram and twitter. We will be posting our new fall line of regular and gel polishes. There will be promos there as well. So take advantage of our spa and pedicure services!

Summer is coming to an end and its Back To School!!!

22 Aug 2014
Summer is coming to an end and its Back To School!!!

Holidays, birthdays, family vacations and girls weekends are coming to an end. Its back to school, work and those busy schedules. But that doesn’t mean your summer manicures and pedicures have to come to an end. Fall is approaching and we have all you need to start it off on a good foot ;)….literally. New polishes, in gel and regular, new and improved waxing as well as new service specials. Make sure you like us on Facebook, follow us on instagram and pinterest to stay connected with upcoming specials!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Summer Brides

21 Jun 2014

Stop by and make your bridal party appointments

Summer Colors

21 Jun 2014

Stop by and see our new nail polish colors for the summer…We’re sure there is a color for you!

Whats the stitch on LED lights?

02 Apr 2014

So ladies, there has been an uproar on LED and UV light when you get that marvelous gel manicure. Good news! After some research, dermatologist and researchers has found that there is limited or low chances of getting cancer from the gel lights. At Nail Theory we use LED lights. In comparison, they are the safer route when using gel polish. They use less light and less penetration than the typical UV light. They are even used to treat sun damage and new collagen. So don’t worry you can still continue with your regular appointments!

Nail Theory Transforming in 3…..2….1

18 Mar 2014

Great news!! Spring is on its way. Finishing up with winter can make you a little anxious, and we, at Nail Theory know how it feels. Come in for your spring preparations! What other way to swing into spring? Mani, pedi, wax, and much more. Inquire about future plans for the ultimate spa experience (maybe a glass of wine:).

Are you looking to pamper yourself now that the kids are back in school?

27 Jan 2014
Are you looking to pamper yourself now that the kids are back in school?

We can make your nails look great after they spent a lot of time in gloves playing with your kids in the snow. Are your feet in need of some pampering? We can spoil you today. Come in for a manicure and/or pedicure and get the quality “me” time that you deserve. Our Ashland nail salon is waiting to pamper you.

Closed for Christmas

20 Dec 2013
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We hope you are ready for Santa to visit! We would like to take a moment to thank all of our wonderful clients for bringing us joy all throughout the year. We appreciate your business, kindness, and laughter that you all bring to Nail Theory! We will be closed on Wednesday, December 25, in observance of Christmas Day. Please enjoy your time with loved ones and have a safe holiday!

Coming Soon to Nail Theory

15 Dec 2013
Coming Soon to Nail Theory

Our future plans include expanding our portfolio of services. Please check back to see when they are available. We plan to be able to offer facials and massages along with the opportunity for a client to have a glass of wine while having their service.

Christmas Gift Certificate Specials

15 Dec 2013
Christmas Gift Certificate Specials

We are offering two Holiday specials. Buy $75.00 gift card and get an additional $10.00. Purchase premium pedicure and get a free Manicure.

Closed for Thanksgiving

28 Nov 2013
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Closed for Thanksgiving

We hope everyone is having a great holiday week!! Nail Theory will be closed in observation of Thanksgiving. We will be opening at Noon on Friday, Nov. 29. Have a safe holiday! Come see us on Friday!

Outlet Malls Coming

05 Feb 2013
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Outlet Malls Coming

Have you heard the news?? Craig Realty Group has purchased land across from us and plans to build the Outlets at Richmond!!! There is going to be great expansion of our area, coming soon! Check out the link below for more information about our soon to be neighbors. Feel free to spread the word!