Nail Theory is proud to provide manicures, pedicures,  waxing, and nail enhancement services.   Please stop in today at our store in Ashland near Bass Pro Shop.

Natural Nail Services

Our must-have manicures include perfectly shaped nails, cuticle care, and a relaxing hand massage followed by a hot towel wrap that will leave your hands feeling revitalized. All of our manicures will give you a full-service hand pampering experience you don’t want to miss.

Pedicure Services

Sit back and get prepared to soothe your entire body through our whirlpool tub with our human touch massage chairs. All pedicures include nail shaping, cuticle detail, sole conditioning, massage and polish.

Nail Enhancement Services

Nails are weak and brittle? Let our experienced professionals extend your nails to create the natural length you have always wanted.


At Nail Theory, waxing unwanted hair from the face and body begins with a thorough cleansing to the area you want waxed with a natural antiseptic lotion to remove all excess oil and bacteria from the skin.

After cleansing your skin, your waxer will start by applying thin layers of wax along the different areas of your face and body with specially-designed spatulas and applicators. This technique allows our waxers the freedom to perform waxing on multiple areas of the body simultaneously to make the waxing process fast and comfortable.

Our wax is completely natural and is applied at body temperature, which is a very relaxing experience. Once the wax begins to dry our experienced waxer will remove the wax with a gentle pull at a special angle in a very fast and magical motion.