Little Miss Diva

Are you looking to treat the special little girl in your life to some pampering? We can do this for you. We offer special pricing for those little hands and feet.

Additional Services

We offer some additional services that will help with your pampering.

Cluster Lashes $25+

Refill Lashes $15+

Design $5+

3D Design: per finger $10

French $5

Polish Change: Hands $8 Feet $10

Cut Down $3

Nail Repair $3+

Soak off Acrylic $10 with gel or acrylic services $5

Soak off Gel manicure $8

Make up $20+

Combining Services

Combining your services can help you save money and a trip.

Simply Mani & Simply Pedi $35

Gel Mani & Simply Pedi $45

Simply Mani & Premium Pedi $42

Premium Mani & Premium Pedi $47

Gel Mani & Gel Simply Pedi $55