We have all seen the newest trend when we’re out, thick full brows! If you were part of the thin eyebrow trend years ago, you’re probably having trouble getting the full brows you want, which we understand.
I absolutely love the look of the eye brows luckily i have my eyebrow kit coming soon...:

There are no many ways to map out and carve out even the thinnest brows. The above photo is about the simplest way to fill in brows, if you already have your desired shape and just have some sparser spots in your brows. But we will also show you what to do if you don’t have much hair on your brows, of the desired shape.

96848 1280520160 Anastasia Soares Tips For Eyebrow Beauty Expertise:

Here is the best way to find where your arch, the beginning and end of your eye brow should lay. Take your brow pencil or brush, and align it with the side of your nose. Angle the brush from the side of your nose up to the inner tear duct of your eye, and make a dot at the, where your eyebrow will begin. Then angle it so it goes straight across your pupil, make a dot, and this is where you should form your arch. Finally, angle it where it touches the outer corner of your eye, make a dot, and this is where the tail of your eye brow should end.

When filling in and lining you should use small, even, straight stokes, to ensure a more natural brow. When filling in the outline use soft, even strokes to make hair lines, either where they are sparse or all throughout for a more bold brow, or for those of us with less hair on the brow. Finally, under the brow bone you can highlight, with a matte or shimmer shade, just a little color (Champagne, White, Peach) the compliments you skin tone!

If interested we will begin offering with our brow wax, a fill in with brow powder, and  a mini lesson on how to achieve the brows you want. Pricing and the date this will begin is still to be determined, but we will keep you updated!

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